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Bacelona don’t want Maschelano anymore

19 Aug

Andoni Subireta, Bacelona sports director, confirmed the club don’t want to get Machelano ,Liverpool midfielder, because players are not in plans for the team this season. Repeat with another round that Ibrahimovic, Swedish Forward, won’t move to anywhere.


Andoni Subireta, Director of Sport Barcelona football superpowers of Spanish football. Out denied reports claiming that Clubs have reached agreement signed with Machelano, Argentina national team captain and Liverpool’s players with lean is not suitable to stay in the team plans this season.

Early last week. Sources in Spain Barcelona said. Offer amount plus Alexander York to buy nails to join the team, however, K Su BUSINESS Sar Red eye Been to that They want to have star players blood and Istanbul Finkelstein complement the army “without anything in the case of Machelano comes a beard Mariano fact he was a player that is not suitable plan season is of us He is a great player. But not anything else. ”

At the same legendary Gold Bazaar and Spanish national team. Also denied reports that leave Ibrahimovic spearhead the Swedish national team. Prepared to move out of place Come Camp Nu , is our key players. And shooting is always important (games, losing 1-3 in Seville Ko Spa Super Battle matches first), he proved that. He is a great player. And filled with quality. ”

In addition, Suzy Red Vista Business Sartre also believes that those of them that played the game loses Seville will be a tremendous opportunity. And successful future indeed. Team continues to be laser-sharp focus. And style of playing always the same. We are already seeing. Have good players in every position they demonstrate commitment. And quality in this challenging game. The first match is always difficult. “


Maradona will be Aston Villa manager (?)

18 Aug

Aston Villa fan will be excited when the agent personal Diego Maradona came off just legendary star kick Team Argentina and listen to the proposal control the army instead of Martin O’Neill consultant. Maradona approached seriously passionate coach, celebrity football game England Including people living on, too.


Walter Serono, Maradona’s agent, came off just past Argentine national team adviser, said celebrity trainer. Looking back to the work of an army convoy. Interested in the game and ordered to Aston Villa in the English Premier League team, replacing Martin O’Neill Irish team manager. The announced resignation from office. Due to problems with the board. The week before.

Former captain “Blue – White” 1986 World Series championship recently retired national team advisor. After fighting the World Cup finals in South Africa in 2010. Last month, and even football gods Jane R. Stein. Not a fan Tooucaer the city to make the best of “Hand of God” scandal put England. Tournaments in the World Cup in Mexico albeit his agent confirmed that his client’s hearing with a proposal from Randy Lerner, club president, Leo emerged.

Mariano Soria newspaper said on Sunday that the Mercury Gallery, “I think Diego will be open to opinions from England and supervision team, Aston Villa, he very interested in English football. Including lifestyle in this country as well, and I know he would want to move here really. His love of rural England And respect your privacy here. So he would be happy here. Especially With big clubs like Aston Villa. ”

“If Randy Lerner, team owners want to offer him seriously, I sure he would answer with a good signal Diego are negotiating with several clubs in Europe this time. Team, including one in England. The role of management. And looking at their own choice carefully, “the commission concluded people.

Paul Schole said…

17 Aug

Paul Schole  ,experienced Manchester United midfielder,  agreed that refuse to play England in World Cup in 2010 with just a few hours to decide behind it I think. If the washing time 2 weeks by now would have seen his show music in South Africa in football already.

Paul Schole

Paul Schole, old “Red Devil” Manchester United football powers of the Premier League battle. Just have consciousness. Out after acceptance. Sorry to deny opportunity to play for England. Battle of the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Paul Scoles, which is called the play to the army “Three Lion’s” last time in 2004 after the next national team 66 games agree that Far BUSINESS O Car cradle Award advisor is calling tempted to change back to use nation. In May last by the star player at age 35 years, said from talking with Franco favored Ballet The assistant coach here, he decided the time is only a few hours before it declined.

Commander in chief fire red hair that he decided to accept mistakes. Not the good will of the values blank shield, “I am not now, but I refused. He gives me time to decide for the afternoon. I talk to the team manager (Sir Alex Ferguson) and his first thought. Perhaps I should return to national team players. Because I still do the job well. But it all happened fast เหลือเกิน. It like a dream. I do not want to accept. And then sit regret this. ”

“If I have time to wash two weeks to decide exactly. I would return to play for the national team. And enough more to watching World Cup games. Makes me want to go see England play the track to compete with many people saying that I should be glad that is not on the national team this time. Honest. I say that she has. This certainly is not the case, “Scholl said.

Liverpool 1 – 1 Arsenal

16 Aug

Liverpool didn’t get a victory for the opening season, unfortunately missed when Jose Rena won a ball into the door itself in the last minute. Accessory Cable invade rival 1-1 to keep one point home to the boy with 10 players. Throughout the second half when midfielder Joe Cole being red button chide the injury hurt the first half before Rob Lo Goss Nantes defender Sierra Memorial this red tag gun being away half injury pain.

Liverpool vs Arsenal

Roy Hodson inaugurate the Liverpool to play Premier League appointment first by the First’s time Torres to ride is just a backup send David Ngog. tap stands spearhead the target Joe Cole foreplay low and fall Steven Gerrard in the middle with  Mariano is well want to move the team on Arsène Wenger  “cannon” send Andriy Archavin to Play Maker stands behind the Shamak. Frabragas is not on the first team, or even on the line up.

The first half started the game just four minutes. The greeting before the free kick page framework penalty indented to the right Sa Premier Na Si poke ball to Thomas Fair playing run to pummel the left Bill Consolidation escape the wall to the pole away, but not tail Jose Rena said.

18th Minutes, Joe Cole Midfielder new boy with jump ball from right to Glen Johnson added to the cast to frame punishment will be David Ngog pending pillar two, but Thomas Fairmalen playing the head-level domains. the first Away to the 21 minute free kick balls page penalty area again Nasri spinning away on duty at the wall to bounce into the garden to play fair with the left side to go wild.

30th Minute  is Away to win again cut ball came from the middle field ball to Arenas Gallery paid across to check L a list direct the left hand side before the Bag Team France will surge to beat with left on the penalty area line. But the ball fly across the beam.

Game, both teams are fighting each other at the center field mainly Until minute 37 Liverpool  to have a chance to win a clear first from a stroke Jamie Carragher boost ball rise from Dan himself up Joe Cole in the position advanced, but does not play left Milan Yo Wah Casino visual run. insert from the second row. Off to the left side of penalty area before making a splash across the beam away unfortunately. Through the middle door had a friend waiting.

44th Minutes, Glen Johnson brought ball up ball through the right side before stabbing next to the Dirk Kyut flows back to back right-England beat the left, but Almunia flick ball across the beam away. N. corner kick from the rhythm and tap the ball is about to strike into the list, but as a standing point to the control lines extracted from them.

The injury injury time those on the Kop to mum when Joe Cole Consolidation plug two feet put L’Rock Nantes Goss, Sierra Memorial here from the side fell Martin Atkinson blowing the ball faul with scoop leaves red card expulsion from Airport and all the first half both teams are 0-0 tie.

Half a minute after starting to have one “boy with” the remaining 10 people came to the door leading from the timing error of 1-0 defenders being cut and the Heart Ball collaboration. Mas Hino beard flows surpassed the David. Ngog off the coast right into the frame right now and beat the squeeze ball Consolidation Tung first pillar. Net at all Back to the door. Liverpool like air again three minutes later came the chance to win again when Gerrard’s Opens free kick corner penalty area right side Almunia. out cut missed ball away to head Martin Skertel head out to side unfortunately.

Game Away unimproved free minutes 55 to almost being trick of one place again the ball free kick Gerrard open one door to Ngog grab one head across the beams out. Go easy.

Arsenal with the players than trying to launch attack hope rivalry to the minute 68 I came to win the stroke of Thomas Robert Sin Chor Kee pull ball out along the line right side before turning to pole distance to the hole Xian tea mug only. a side issue to the head.

Away to mobilize invade continuous minutes 73 to a free kick in front of penalty area Tio Walcot, SC The backup ran spinning curve Om walls are inserted poles already, but Rena still Consolidation the rounds out. After it was great.

86 min Thomas Rosicky  took away warlord Hong red ball into the box before spinning the right focus, but Jose won World Super Safe rounded fingertip ball fly across narrow beams.

The remainder. Artillery attack hard and try to open the success in the last minute when Thomas Rosicky open from the right side along the line know your reaction Shamak hovering Jose. Rena ball head pole to smash out Reana before the ball go to the net. 1 – 1 Arsenal

Injury injury time Arsenal, has selected the same 10 people left when Grossiana  second play of the red card expulsion from the field does not increase the end door. Liverpool game always Arsenal 1-1 share points to each team.

Van De Sar impress on “Chicato”

11 Aug

Edwin van der Sar, manchester united goalkeeper, praised “Chicato”a lot. After pounding glowing from top players step into Old Trafford works to ensure players are the best in the league the most great cities Sure.

Edwin van der Sar‘s experienced goalkeeper of Manchester United football powers of the Premier League battle. Out that the premier praised “Chicato” Star Striker Mexican national team that will succeed the best city in the league this season of course. Chicato, spearhead blood become the new darling of the disciples, “Red Devil’s” After the shooting continued during the pre-season warm-up last goal in a shoot match against Chelsea won 3-1 Communications Shield at new Wembly Stadium On Sunday, August 8th. The ultimate form of this play makes van der Sar believes that “you little nuts” to shine brightly in the Old Trafford.

Edwin Van De Sar

Former Gold Team Holland. This will complete 40 years of age in October, “said he works very well during the 10 days since he joined our team in the USA. The most important thing is that the he has a goal. And for the fans to see players of this talent, however, we do not want to just shooting the Division page. Central and wings I need to score as well. Antonio  Valencia goal and the ball to open the second shooting with a friend he really works the best. That is important. You need to be shooting from several. Position on the pitch.

While van der Sar believes that grabbed the tray of charity to occupy will allow “evil red” walk the right way and perform a tremendous in-game meeting open season was New Newcastle United on Monday. Aug 16 This “It’s the last game of the pre-season and we have one more week before the match actually started. So this is important for some players like Wayne Rooney has played and is more important to win a championship finish. This case you want to beat your opponent always important. “

Gallas for Spurs?

11 Aug

England press reveals that Harry Rednapp, Tottenham Spurs manager, might decide to grab William Gallas defenders, previous Arsenal Defender, to solve the main line for the second seed, Ledley King  and Jonathan Woodgate. Both players alway have fitness problem for the past few seasons.

Gallas for Spurs?

The British newspaper reported that Harry Rednapp may decide to sign Williams Gallas, French defender, to recover the critical support levels. Incontinence after Ledley King and Jonathan Wood Gate 2 STARTING not healed from the injury.

Gallas has not been extend to the new contract from Arsenal, Co’s London rival Tottenham Hotspur. During the end of the season. Gallas move the team without compensation Become one of the options for Rednapp Camp. The players have experienced this perfume enough to lend the control line down the stretch in UEFA’s Champions League qualifier playoff meeting.

But the problem is his salary, which he need 90,000 pounds / week. It’s over the club standard, which the top players earn about 65,000 pounds / week. Another issue is his age, he will turn to 33 on this coming Aug 17th.

Ryan Giggs ready for new season

11 Aug

Ryan Giggs‘s wing wizard Manchester United reveal now eager to succeed in the new season to compensate for the pain. Missed the championship last season. He also impress with “Chicato” performance, and pretty sure that he will success with Manchester United.

Ryan Giggs, experienced wing of Manchester United soccer giants of the great city, accept that the disappointment of missing the championship seasons ago. A driving force for him, and teammates to do the best work in this 2010-11 season.

Ryan Giggs

“Red Devil” just beated Chelsea  3-1 on Communications Security Shield at new Wembly on last sunday. The “wing wizard” revelas that now they strong and ready to bring cups Premier League back to the Old trafford and want to longest in fighting UK. UEFA Champions League

Former Star Welsh national team, said: “We are always eager to success. We are committed because you do not want to pass again by summer time. This situation. We miss the league championship. When you’re not champions league. What it is always painful. Now, to win the same challenges of our time. We have developed if all players are maintaining the office. And a little luck. We have a good chance for victory. ”

Also, star players aged 36 years also praised “Chicato” young mexican striker to shine the best in local track at Old Trafford and more “Chicato’s full of potential superior to make a difference. End of the season and we need players like this that can be played as a backup. And change the game immediately. Now we have our strengths. And hope this will make us stronger. ”

Chicato is much more laser-sharp page. Overall, he is mobile and can always find space. Hopefully he will score many this year. He started the pre-season really well. And I am sure he will be our great players. In Game Communication Security Shield Chelsea are a good team and sometimes we make them plain to see it as a team. But Premier League games over the deal for this season. ”

“You’ve already seen a year ago that every Snatched the top four clubs be close together, and now Manchester City have the right to be in that position because they have much money. It was interesting to see that everything is wonderful how But I think if we finish the season over Chelsea, we have the opportunity to succeed.