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Maradona will be Aston Villa manager (?)

18 Aug

Aston Villa fan will be excited when the agent personal Diego Maradona came off just legendary star kick Team Argentina and listen to the proposal control the army instead of Martin O’Neill consultant. Maradona approached seriously passionate coach, celebrity football game England Including people living on, too.


Walter Serono, Maradona’s agent, came off just past Argentine national team adviser, said celebrity trainer. Looking back to the work of an army convoy. Interested in the game and ordered to Aston Villa in the English Premier League team, replacing Martin O’Neill Irish team manager. The announced resignation from office. Due to problems with the board. The week before.

Former captain “Blue – White” 1986 World Series championship recently retired national team advisor. After fighting the World Cup finals in South Africa in 2010. Last month, and even football gods Jane R. Stein. Not a fan Tooucaer the city to make the best of “Hand of God” scandal put England. Tournaments in the World Cup in Mexico albeit his agent confirmed that his client’s hearing with a proposal from Randy Lerner, club president, Leo emerged.

Mariano Soria newspaper said on Sunday that the Mercury Gallery, “I think Diego will be open to opinions from England and supervision team, Aston Villa, he very interested in English football. Including lifestyle in this country as well, and I know he would want to move here really. His love of rural England And respect your privacy here. So he would be happy here. Especially With big clubs like Aston Villa. ”

“If Randy Lerner, team owners want to offer him seriously, I sure he would answer with a good signal Diego are negotiating with several clubs in Europe this time. Team, including one in England. The role of management. And looking at their own choice carefully, “the commission concluded people.