Liverpool signs Polsen

13 Aug

Liverpool announced that they already signed Christian Polsen, Juventus & Denmark midfielder. Liverpool pay about 5.4 millions Eurro and will increase another 48 million if fully into play the conditions.

Liverpool sign Polsen

“The Kop” battle of giants Liverpool club win the Premier League Christian Polsen, Danish national team. He signed contract with the team for 3 years already on Thursday, August 12.Liverpool today confirmed through the club website. ( that star players ages 30 years to move from Juventus Club of big battle Serie Serie join local Anfield. Already After faced with two disappointing seasons in the local O Lim Pico Turin.

Juventus said when Liverpool agreed to pay a 5.4 million euro  for the polls and sacrifice will pay an additional 1.2 million euros  for the players to play full terms. Polsen,Danish national team 77 players in the same position of Mascherano, Argentine national team captain. And it might be the sigh that the club should have an opening in the former West Ham United in football move from Anfield in place soon. Roy Hodson, Liverpool manager worked with Polsen when he managed FC Copenhegen  nine years ago when the Danish.


Schalke 04 eyes on Robinho

12 Aug

Robinho spearhead the Samba Team and Manchester City are targeted hunting of Schalke 04 to look forward to joining Raul Gonsalez striker, who moved from Real madrid this summer. Schalke also interested on HUntela, AC Milan striker, as well.


Schalke 04 team as the battle Bundezliga Germany are working hard to win the Robinho Striker Brazilian National Team of Manchester City to join the army according to reports from the “kick Sticker” newspaper of Germany. On Tuesday 10 August. Hoping to work with the Raul Gonsalez , former player of Real Madrid, in the panel game season offensive team page

26 year old shooting star is a desire to join former teammates, too old. Although said to return players to the club Santos in any home again. Following the success of the play when the loan last season. How the matter was placed Schalke class – interests of Huntela Striker Milan for a successor. If unable to Sew a spearhead Samba to join the army. After the shooting star show the Dutch do not form an impressive first season in Italy It is not a real place in Sansiro.

Van De Sar impress on “Chicato”

11 Aug

Edwin van der Sar, manchester united goalkeeper, praised “Chicato”a lot. After pounding glowing from top players step into Old Trafford works to ensure players are the best in the league the most great cities Sure.

Edwin van der Sar‘s experienced goalkeeper of Manchester United football powers of the Premier League battle. Out that the premier praised “Chicato” Star Striker Mexican national team that will succeed the best city in the league this season of course. Chicato, spearhead blood become the new darling of the disciples, “Red Devil’s” After the shooting continued during the pre-season warm-up last goal in a shoot match against Chelsea won 3-1 Communications Shield at new Wembly Stadium On Sunday, August 8th. The ultimate form of this play makes van der Sar believes that “you little nuts” to shine brightly in the Old Trafford.

Edwin Van De Sar

Former Gold Team Holland. This will complete 40 years of age in October, “said he works very well during the 10 days since he joined our team in the USA. The most important thing is that the he has a goal. And for the fans to see players of this talent, however, we do not want to just shooting the Division page. Central and wings I need to score as well. Antonio  Valencia goal and the ball to open the second shooting with a friend he really works the best. That is important. You need to be shooting from several. Position on the pitch.

While van der Sar believes that grabbed the tray of charity to occupy will allow “evil red” walk the right way and perform a tremendous in-game meeting open season was New Newcastle United on Monday. Aug 16 This “It’s the last game of the pre-season and we have one more week before the match actually started. So this is important for some players like Wayne Rooney has played and is more important to win a championship finish. This case you want to beat your opponent always important. “

Gallas for Spurs?

11 Aug

England press reveals that Harry Rednapp, Tottenham Spurs manager, might decide to grab William Gallas defenders, previous Arsenal Defender, to solve the main line for the second seed, Ledley King  and Jonathan Woodgate. Both players alway have fitness problem for the past few seasons.

Gallas for Spurs?

The British newspaper reported that Harry Rednapp may decide to sign Williams Gallas, French defender, to recover the critical support levels. Incontinence after Ledley King and Jonathan Wood Gate 2 STARTING not healed from the injury.

Gallas has not been extend to the new contract from Arsenal, Co’s London rival Tottenham Hotspur. During the end of the season. Gallas move the team without compensation Become one of the options for Rednapp Camp. The players have experienced this perfume enough to lend the control line down the stretch in UEFA’s Champions League qualifier playoff meeting.

But the problem is his salary, which he need 90,000 pounds / week. It’s over the club standard, which the top players earn about 65,000 pounds / week. Another issue is his age, he will turn to 33 on this coming Aug 17th.

Ryan Giggs ready for new season

11 Aug

Ryan Giggs‘s wing wizard Manchester United reveal now eager to succeed in the new season to compensate for the pain. Missed the championship last season. He also impress with “Chicato” performance, and pretty sure that he will success with Manchester United.

Ryan Giggs, experienced wing of Manchester United soccer giants of the great city, accept that the disappointment of missing the championship seasons ago. A driving force for him, and teammates to do the best work in this 2010-11 season.

Ryan Giggs

“Red Devil” just beated Chelsea  3-1 on Communications Security Shield at new Wembly on last sunday. The “wing wizard” revelas that now they strong and ready to bring cups Premier League back to the Old trafford and want to longest in fighting UK. UEFA Champions League

Former Star Welsh national team, said: “We are always eager to success. We are committed because you do not want to pass again by summer time. This situation. We miss the league championship. When you’re not champions league. What it is always painful. Now, to win the same challenges of our time. We have developed if all players are maintaining the office. And a little luck. We have a good chance for victory. ”

Also, star players aged 36 years also praised “Chicato” young mexican striker to shine the best in local track at Old Trafford and more “Chicato’s full of potential superior to make a difference. End of the season and we need players like this that can be played as a backup. And change the game immediately. Now we have our strengths. And hope this will make us stronger. ”

Chicato is much more laser-sharp page. Overall, he is mobile and can always find space. Hopefully he will score many this year. He started the pre-season really well. And I am sure he will be our great players. In Game Communication Security Shield Chelsea are a good team and sometimes we make them plain to see it as a team. But Premier League games over the deal for this season. ”

“You’ve already seen a year ago that every Snatched the top four clubs be close together, and now Manchester City have the right to be in that position because they have much money. It was interesting to see that everything is wonderful how But I think if we finish the season over Chelsea, we have the opportunity to succeed.

Man Utd wants Milner

10 Aug

Manchester United plans final offer to buy James Milner, Aston Villa midfielder. But Manchester United have to fight with Manchester city, rivals of Manchester, in the fall I have the news already. OK, but not for the conquered.

James Milner

Sir Alex Ferguson, Red Devil manager, is more treasure in the middle Dan tighten up and Millner  is to take players into the midfielder medium Free also played along the same lines used to play from the beginning. Of Martin O’Neill emerged consultant Leo accept waste from the mill Partners team and probable. Just like the the 32 million pounds  to set out on. Because the players had shown a desire to move away from Villa Park residence clearly.

Amazing Messi, Bacelona beat 5 – 2

5 Aug

Messi is messi, and alway amazing in every minute in  the field. He is worthy of the world’s number one player at this time after time on the pitch just 15 minutes, you can press two doors leading Barcelona collapsed K-League stars including Le 5-2.

amazing messi

Before this game, sound criticism of Barcelona to play hard as the first preliminary meeting was announced that Messi does not have to play. Some fans reached for a refund until this game, many media seats, while the sparsely Korea Abuse “you throw merit” as “impudent” and the players feel All Star “was shame.

However, later confirmed that the star player Argentine national team would be down Play the game in a limited time, but as soon as cameras capture Messina crippled giant in the field. Fans were immediately yell away. Start the game just one minute All-Star team. K-League to take place quickly after long ball from Dan, but after the spin Goalkeeper Auto run Mistime playing fall ball surface makes disrespectful Choi Sung Kuk spaceship to shoot.

Then another five minutes later Bazaar return rivalry from the ball plain like winning the timing of Jonathan Dos Santa To a party to the page penalty area and penetration to Impact Brother ran off to tilt the flat Park keeper.Then in another 15 minutes or 30 minutes is timed year. Send a wah Radio Messi hunt down field as Al West.

But 35 minutes South Korean team to the league stars from many of the stroke when the ball like nothing. Open swag into the penalty area as Lee Dong-Kuk Tech Auto spin across the strike swag plug under the beam into

Then a list of Messi show two minutes before time expires Bazaar rivalry took the S view Original All-stabbed the ball surpassed Messina about dragging Japan into the penalty area and then park keeper. Into a cold-blooded. And a last-minute or two minutes later Messina 3-2 by firing the ball to friend Post to row along other lines, shows good ball toward the faces pendent party. Marginal penalty area to cut and pull the ball before spinning site disrespectful Goalkeeper plug. Ting far corner.

Second half year is set to change players and nearly lifting the game to be close to time 80 minutes, until the La Liga champions have four children to the park is a stroke off the panel as a Rubik’s Tor. Sanchez ran into most any shooting Cho repeated pork. Bazaar and another two minutes off the winning box 5-2 Sofitel shield off the penalty box along the right side and turn the antenna away to Japan Mariano Soria legs burned off beautiful game.