Van De Sar impress on “Chicato”

11 Aug

Edwin van der Sar, manchester united goalkeeper, praised “Chicato”a lot. After pounding glowing from top players step into Old Trafford works to ensure players are the best in the league the most great cities Sure.

Edwin van der Sar‘s experienced goalkeeper of Manchester United football powers of the Premier League battle. Out that the premier praised “Chicato” Star Striker Mexican national team that will succeed the best city in the league this season of course. Chicato, spearhead blood become the new darling of the disciples, “Red Devil’s” After the shooting continued during the pre-season warm-up last goal in a shoot match against Chelsea won 3-1 Communications Shield at new Wembly Stadium On Sunday, August 8th. The ultimate form of this play makes van der Sar believes that “you little nuts” to shine brightly in the Old Trafford.

Edwin Van De Sar

Former Gold Team Holland. This will complete 40 years of age in October, “said he works very well during the 10 days since he joined our team in the USA. The most important thing is that the he has a goal. And for the fans to see players of this talent, however, we do not want to just shooting the Division page. Central and wings I need to score as well. Antonio¬† Valencia goal and the ball to open the second shooting with a friend he really works the best. That is important. You need to be shooting from several. Position on the pitch.

While van der Sar believes that grabbed the tray of charity to occupy will allow “evil red” walk the right way and perform a tremendous in-game meeting open season was New Newcastle United on Monday. Aug 16 This “It’s the last game of the pre-season and we have one more week before the match actually started. So this is important for some players like Wayne Rooney has played and is more important to win a championship finish. This case you want to beat your opponent always important. “


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