Messi: We need all champ!

4 Aug

Leneil Messi, commander in chief of the Argentine national team, Barcelona, overlook the busy Princess Jose Murinho the control team to verify whether the team is what happens. Goals in each season of the Catalan giants have the same check is always looking to dominate the championship every package.


Leoneil Messi, Play Maker Argentina’s national, descent Barcelona soccer team of Spanish La Liga confirmed that the goal of the new season. “You throw merit” is the same in all respects is intended to sweep all the champions. After a successful first year in La Liga Cup battle without one I care little that Real Madrid will be busy to hold rein Jose Murinho.

Championship after sweeping all before the second season Bazaar won a single league in the last year, Messina intend to refute disappointment By contractors around the new champion said that the original motivation of the team already. Origin and number one team in the top coach Jose Murinho teams do not have to control the more they encourage in any way.

“Our goal at Barcelona is the same as every year. We want to win every tournament list. We know that it is not easy. But we have a great team to control the Real Madrid’s Jose Murinho we do not have the more stimulating. We do not need extra motivation to create great works. We do not waver on what happens elsewhere. We always want to succeed. ”

“I was piss off  at South Africa. Because I expected more. Team eager to start season? Ever new We look to win any more. Soccer World Championship is packed full with confidence. We own it in a form superior to season a new “Messina said the first game of the Bazaar is a battle Cup Spare Panit Super Cup to visit Seville Champion Gold Spa de Ray on August 14th


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