Arsenal won Emirate Cup

3 Aug

The first half
End audio director Arsenal blow the ball to start the game like Fishing blood thirst, and just 20 seconds, it came to handling ball stroke penalty area but the last flicker friendly.

But the first goal just two minutes in the game, waste occurs and as a place that you bring up the rhythm. William Hathaway Drag tilt front penalty area and then stabbed ball flow to Vulcan Koch cast off one penalty area to the right and then down the open Hong Kong market weight best the Web hunting down the slide pull Cho other three yards into the pillar two.

Arsenal won Emirate Cup

Celtic try to open the game and fight to dominate the ball more, respectively, but agility is not high. Enough to penetrate the line with Cher and Furnish holes to play stood out to be under control.

Furnish 15 minutes to play center field the ball and nobody saw him drag the air slowly comes to light from 30 yards before a full foot and Tia Lucas. Sa involving Mr. Mega anal shocked to rebound down the middle rounds Safe Air Vulcan Cox Scott ran up playing it. I caught the edge.

Guard players cannon ball movement has captured the best 25 more minutes Sic Robert Ball Hockey has turned his back to quarterback and then pretend to be raising the front, but then chopped placebo. Drag culture before cutting back to pages Fa Dong penalty area beat Celtic in football field and then surpassed the cut. Youngster Thomas rotate the ball before firing across the beam turned out to yourself. His system real good players who come here are involved with every game.

Game is your place as usual 33 minutes Vulcan neck Scott volunteered for duty free kick shot from 25 yards by running the Blender site, but indirect wall Rica Sa group a floating cross beams lose round one hand corner kick.

Not a minute to “cannon” at the back door to be Cliff Species surpassed run the ball. From friends to make a marginal penalty box left side and not throw a log into then. William Hathaway flow to run, but Sa Pan Neng shot a Mega fly round group over the other beams shock.

Stroke corner kick from the baby formula swag open the penalty area directly outside the skull before Wikipedia. Sheer force ล beat the waiting foot of water on site tackle football top beam. The new season wonder William Hathaway Tha happens. I really do not like toys สิ to death.

Last minute of the first half Arsenal came away a 2-0 corner kick from stroke to stroke the ball came lose Miscellaneous direct line back together before at Sa. Ya baby friends have set fire to run the ball left the Hong Kong E corner towers squeeze into the narrow Tung ซ touched by 2-0.

2nd Half
Have five minutes to play, “cannon” to escape the 3-0 Celtic Away from the ball at mid field ball found contend Now find Fishing surpassed channel fast ball into penalty area Vulcan the right to cast a party Koch confuse confused dash and halfback is the last in football star Rung to prod the ball flowing Na Si ran up the back like a shot shootout Pacific Park Movie, Mr. Sir. Anal streaming back into a simple three piece, and then behind.

Game over, but then gradually warlike Celtic would beat eggs and break . The disorderly Celtic player to pull the ball out despite the penalty area and then I lose points. Stupid penalties, but a push shot Samara ugly cross beam into a fool, but then not long cells. Athletic and play a short corner kick to Samara flow to a friend shoot a long ball ricochet bounce bounce Then flows to one of David Lynch. Murphy Bay replay of the “green and white zebra” to smash the ball at close range as the first deadpan

Pets ball now because Arsenal draw Celtic Bomb heavy pressure, especially mid-air ball nearly 75 minutes and came away 3-2 from a corner kick ball Hoist Acne erupt recording head A. Abu-term independence Golden Ball is just five yards. is according to the BUSINESS Â Al Moody Jr. rounded cross beam on the lines incredible.

But then again two minutes later Celtic shocked The Gunner bottom chair and after being unable to come away from a 3-2 stroke Yahoo Web Farrow ball off the opening match penalty area along the right side to the Hong Kong Kee. Samsung also ran up Japan put a stuffed straight AL Moody Jr. Tung mesh ball ricochet into the time I left. Away Arsenal pressure is not the winning score with this win Emirates Cup posted a second consecutive year.


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