New Liverpool Owner?

2 Aug

The Kop started daydreaming. The future of the club, Liverpool are back together and it is possible to Kenny Huang, rich Chinese business people, will walk a new owner after the game Contact Creditor directly.

After George Gillette Select cast out first revealed last week that he was in negotiations with John Ya Ya. Kerry Dee former national team players in Syria is interested want to takeover. However, “Huang” Hot on Sneak to talk to sprinkle Tuesday back the link of Scott Land Bank to liquidate 237 million pounds that means that one rake and Gillette Let Scott and Tom Hawk’s. directly

new liverpool owner?

Huang, a player from Wal-shares Women and Sport Major Cineplex Group chairman QSL years based in Hong Kong after receiving backing the rich sources of funds. The world from the Far East.Expected that he will contact the adult, many of the “Red Swan” gone. To prove that he actually intends to takeover the club to get asked about the First To Do’s for Forest in the back during the presentation session on Monday to delay the decision. Be escaped with local Anfield.

The origin of “Huang” cause “said. Nin Yo “believes in the potential the team has money to supplement the army fight with Manchester  City and Chelsea.

Now American Duo because stroke is not humiliation while they were looking for new entrepreneurs themselves through Martin. Brother ฟ tons puppet club president.

However, this “Huang” advantages that come into direct payment of a hunk. Takeover would make money less than 600 million pounds descending as American Duo out the pricing.

Bank sprinkle Tue Link back of a Scotland or RBS conditions specified in the restructuring of loan agreements when they have the right to listen. Sale club Liverpool or control.

If the proposal is “Huang” was rejected and the Bank does not offer buyers one. In numbers Duo Makan will hope to Liabilities “Red Swan” to the crisis. And one’s talent is to control business or bank put into administration. That means the top teams Europa. League points will be cut into sales process and the Super Soccer Star to leave the money. Debt as at Leeds. United have already seen.

For “Huang” Former Liverpool news about several times in 2008, he felt that the money acquired Gillette & George call it £ 650 million too high but the returns in April this year.


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