New Manchester United Striker

30 Jul

Sir Alex furguson, Manchester United Super manager, belives that Havier Chicharito, young star Mexio striker, can play in Premier League. Chicarito is the new striker for United next season. He was score yesterday with classic tatented, his speed was awesome as well. He was play quite good with Mexico, and score twice, for world cup in South Africa.

Utd new striker

Chicarito score once for his first match against All Star Major Leagus. Utd won 5 – 2 for that match. I hope he can play well with Utd, but the thing is whether he gonna get the opportunity from Alex Ferguson. Anyway he is another option for Utd striker. Last season Utd relyed on Rooney too much, hope Chicarito can score as much as Rooney….

He is only 175 cm, but he has much speedy to replace. I can’t wait to see the new season…


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