Real Madrid is not for everyone

29 Jul

If you are not the best player, and most wanted, please don’t go to Real Madrid. Yeah, you must be the best to get in. Sometime, the best is not enough. You must go there at the right time as well. I don’t know why many players want to join Real Madrid badly. They might be the “lion’s head” from your team, but you might be just “dog’s tail” at Madrid. I don’t know the exactly reason, but I’ve noticed from many players.

Many big names desire to wear the white shirt at Madrid, but many of them got a night mare there as well. There are only 11 seats available for the first teams, and only 2- 4 seats for each position (striker, midfielder, defender, of course just only 1 for the keeper). They know that only few seat available for them at Madrid, but they still wanna move on.

Arjen Robben, Wesley Schneijder, Klass Yan Huntela, Rudd Van nisteroy, or even Kaka were totally fail at Real Madrid. They just on one there, but they are the king for their team right now. Arjen Robben, who is the best left wing recently, was nothing at Madrid, but he is the king at Bayern Muchen. Schneijder, as well, was no one at Madrid, but he got triple champion with Inter Milan. You might be the great asset for Madrid in the first season, but it might not be that way for the second one.

Many players, Ozil, Micon, and some, know that, but they prefer to take a risk. Um….Real Madrid must have something special to lure those players. Anyone know?


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